David Speaking

Keynote speaking is much more than just a pep talk, it’s a conversation that creates action and instils renewed motivation in you and your staff.

David is charismatic, engaging and has presented in front of a wide range of audiences – at universities, national awards ceremonies and within business. David has tackled many issues that affect business and enterprise. 

Here’s a snapshot of our most population presentation topics:

  • Motivation and leadership
  • Customer service relationships
  • Building a business from the foundations upwards
  • Enterprise trends in small-to-medium-sized businesses
  • Technological innovation in business
  • The role of marketing in a successful business
  • Achieving successful sales

We guarantee that your audience will leave inspired!


First and foremost, many thanks for the lively, animated, entertaining and very informative seminar. You definitely did manage to get your message across!
— Douglas Sunday, Business Student
David is an inspirational speaker. The presentation had many useful tips and strategies, both for those business owners in the room and for the students who one day will aspire to running their own business.
— Richard Bull-Domican, New Era Financial Introductions Ltd
Congratulations on an excellent presentation. Those that were not there don’t know what they missed!
— Michael Quinlan, CEO Retail Fox