From prime ministers, top-class athletes to business leaders – everyone needs a coach!

Did you know that the biggest fears is public speaking, it ranks higher than death on survey polls. But why? Why do so many people fear and dread standing in front of others?

Are you looking for that confidence to stand up in a room full of people and introduce who you are and what you do without feeling embarrassed or nervous?  Are you striving to perfect or polish your business pitch?  Maybe you have a presentation approaching for a client that could seal the deal and be the next big sale and need to get a second opinion on what you’re going to say? 

David and his team are here to help, just like superman saves the world!  If you want to learn just the basics or become the next global speaker, we can support you.

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David & Superman
Dave has an easy and engaging style that makes it fun to learn. His mastery of the topic is obvious and his ability to keep participants focused is one of his many strengths. He has something of value for the beginner, intermediate and veteran presenter/speaker. The agenda is relevant, worthy and current. I have no hesitation in recommending his master class to my colleagues and associates who wish to hone their presenter & speaking skills to a higher level.
— Ches Moulton - Ches Moulton Limited
The Speaker Expert class was packed full of information, tips and hints on how to go from “there’s no way you’re going to get me up on that stage” to “it’s my turn to speak!”. All delivered in an accessible and engaging way by David - thanks for helping me find my voice!
— Sarah Warner - Pelican Changing Minds

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